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You are welcome to participate in the NOVO STAR Affiliate program. Our Affiliate program provides a source of steady income. Affiliate program will be available straight after registration. Visit your personal account where you get your affiliate link. You can use your website, blog, email or even your forum signatures to spread your referral link and promote us to your friends, relatives or colleagues and attract referrals. According to the referral program, we offer one level of affiliate structure. We pay you referral commission of 5% if you invite people to us. The partner commission is calculated from the amount of the open deposit of the referral and is credited to the partner's balance immediately after the opening of the deposit by the referral. Invite new members and earn cash bonus to your account from each participant! Enjoy your extra earnings!
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Affiliate program
We developed a single-level affiliate program
You have a great opportunity to make money through our Affiliate Program. You can register an account and then advertise your referral links to acquire downlines (referrals). When your referrals invest with us, you will earn a commission.
Affiliate program

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