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Novo Star Professional Traders
Novo Star is a legal company incorporated in the UK. It makes our company considered as a reliable partner specialized in the highly profitable bitcoin trading. Considering that Bitcoin is global and there is very less transaction fee and hurdles to think of, it is quite possibly now the easiest way to trade. Bitcoin continues to attract trader activity, despite market volatility and the year-long bear market. Our team employs highly qualified professional traders and analysts who have accumulated vast experience and knowledge in the field of trading, therefore all possible risks are minimal.
Using Bitcoin trading platforms including Bittrex, Bitstamp, OKEx, Binance, BitFlyer, GDAX and Bitfinex, our company utilizes Scalping Bitcoin trading strategies. Scalping is an ideal gain on the exchange. It is also known as pips trading. Scalping is such a trading style, which is characterized with a very short period of holding positions with the profit rate in several ticks. As a rule, we hold our positions from several seconds to several minutes and operate on second and/or minute charts.
Scalping trading strategy
Scalping is the most profitable trading strategy, since one can increase the initial deposit in 100 times during one month. For the deposit grows like a mushroom collecting profit from all small intraday fluctuations. Our traders are making significant gains due to the big number of positions they open. When trading with this method, we use the very same analysis tools that apply in technical analysis. Those are the indicators, the candlesticks and the others. This method offers great opportunities for the traders. We can open 10+ positions during one single trading day meaning we can win a huge amount in the end. The main advantage is fast enter and fast exit. Bitcoin price volatility is huge, offering us many opportunities during the day. This strategy allows us to achieve success and to get high profits with guarantee and safely.

150, Finchley Road, London
Company number 12084728
The Company Novo Star is officially registered in the United Kingdom. We have all necessary permits to engage in trading and investment activities.
Business of Novo Star
Novo Star is a British investment company that has an office in London. We are engaged in trading in the cryptocurrency market.Check company registration
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The Crypto Revolution has only just begun. Bitcoin is Future. As we know it is just the starting of the crypto bull run, started with Bitcoin's high liquidity, this is the perfect time for investing in it.
We created our own unique style of financial management, our own unprecedented method of managing financial flows, thanks to which each investor can rest assured that our cooperation will be profitable.
We know our customers' needs, and we provide them with the most comfortable and safe investment conditions while ensuring a high asset growth rate.
Our investment platform provides you with the most advantageous conditions for cooperation, including convenience and ease of use, low financial risk and many other benefits that you can really appreciate by investing through our service.